Governance ♦ Strategic Leadership ♦ Mentoring & Coaching

Leadership can happen at all levels of the organisation. But if it’s not happening effectively at the very top everyone has a problem.

It’s a well-recognised fact that the skills and traits that propel people into leadership roles are often the first things that need to change or be managed differently by strategic leaders.

I’ve sat round many boardroom tables and led many executive team meetings, enjoy mentoring new leaders and being part of a highly effective governance team. I can help you rapidly improve the performance of your leaders.

Brand Strategies ♦ Market Development ♦ Sales & Negotiation

Most organisations cannot exist or grow without the funding that flows to them from their customers and funding partners. Business and government agencies alike compete for dollars from customers who are increasingly selective and demanding of their providers.

Whether your market is domestic or you need to grow your international revenues, I can help you with sound commercialisation strategies. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s greatest brands, and enjoy helping businesses grow rapidly and profitably.

Culture change ♦ Business Turnaround ♦ Start-ups, Mergers & Acquisitions

You can feel a great culture when you sit in the reception of an organisation. There’s energy, enthusiasm and excitement. It’s often as simple to spot a problem culture within minutes. Easy to recognise – hard to change. But there are commonsense, proven approaches to creating a great working environment, and you don’t need an MBA to make it happen.

The secret to turning around a poorly performing organisation lies with the people. Are they aligned to a common goal or vision? Are they enthusiastic about the future? Do they know how they make a difference? I've worked in high performing and highly challenged environments, and can help you move quickly to improve your results.